How to do Christmas like a Master of Wine

We asked Meg Brodtmann – Australia’s first female Master of Wine and our Head of Education – what wines she chooses when it comes to Christmas Day.

There’s no right or wrong wine when it comes to Christmas Day – for me it’s all about family (well okay, and of course food) but there’s a few key wines I love to have on my table this time of year.

Before food even hits the table, I love to kick-off the day with some bubbles. Usually, I’ll start with some Moscato or Champagne while opening pressies under the tree. I have also been known to keep drinking bubbles throughout the day, and definitely at the end of the day as a palate cleanser!

Roast Pork + Crackling
I think the best thing about Christmas lunch is the pork crackling – anyone who tells you anything different is lying!

I like to pair pork with a Clare Valley Riesling (its acidity will complement the fatty pork), or a Yarra Valley Chardonnay. Rob and I are both loving how the 2019 White Label Chardonnay is drinking at the moment, so you can count on that featuring on our Christmas table this year!

For those who aren’t so traditional and prefer a seafood platter on Christmas – I definitely have a few recommendations for you too! Prawns go really well with a super chilled True Colours Rosé. The crunchy acidity cuts through the richness from the prawns (especially if you’re dunking them in aioli).

As for Oysters, you can’t go past Blanc de Blanc, they are a classic combination, thanks to the minerality and acidity in the wine.

This year we’re having a gin-soaked salmon gravlax blini as a start to our meal, so I’m looking at pairing it with an aged Marsanne or Pinot Blanc. Something with a bit of acid and an oily texture to match the gravlax.

I love a muscat with mince pies – they’re essentially a mince pie in liquid form! Otherwise, one of my favourite Christmas combinations would have to be plum pudding and Sparkling Shiraz.

When I was living in the UK we would finish the meal with Stilton cheese on oat crackers with butter! Very odd, very rich, but the perfect match with an aged Shiraz or Cabernet (it is very cold over there!)

No matter what wines are on your table this year, I hope you have a wonderful day with loved ones by your side.

Merry Christmas!


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