The 2018 Pick and Stomp

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10am, the day begun how most days should, with coffee and mimosas. After a debrief from Rob our newly recruited winemakers headed down into the winery for a tour and explanation of how things run at Rob Dolan Wines. Being a contract wine making facility there are lots of things happening and so much to learn.







The new crew sampled wine from tanks and barrels, being able to taste the wine at different stages of fermentation is a great way for any wine connoisseur to learn about the different stages of the winemaking process and how flavours change and develop.With red ferments needing to be dug out, and grapes to be stomped the new crew members rolled up their pants and got their feet dirty (and sticky) with their 2018 Merlot!






After two hours in the winery crew were treated to a two-meter grazing table. Cheese, meats, dips, fruit and chocolate filled their plates as they sat down with Rob and enjoyed exclusive pre-release wines which are not available to the public yet.








The day both educational and fun was a good example of our wine club. We like it to be a bit of fun where wine lovers can learn a little bit more about how the wine is made and also try different things.

To find out more about our wine club and to join click on the link – https://www.robdolanwines.com.au/wine-club

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