Rob's pick

Rob’s Picks

Fancy a winemaker to personally select you the perfect wine pack? Even better, what about Rob Dolan himself? This year, Rob’s been tasting wines in the cellar and has put together a selection of his favourites… just for you!

“I picked wines that are drinking beautifully right now, from great vintages,” says Rob. “They are all approachable, great with food and taste like the Yarra Valley.”

About Rob

Rob is a legend in the Yarra Valley. A true pioneer of the region since the ’90s, when he helped to bring about the success of Yarra Ridge. His passion for the Yarra Valley saw him launch two of its most well-known brands, Sticks and Punt Road. And that was before he put his own name to a brand with Rob Dolan Wines. It’s fair to say that you are in good hands with Rob Dolan selecting your wines. He knows the Yarra Valley inside and out. With his tall frame and cheeky character, he’s an instantly recognizable classic. A lovable rogue, so to speak.

Rob grew up on a vineyard in South Australia and was often nicknamed ‘Riesling’ for his penchant for having a tipple of white with his mum. It was his AFL footy career that lured him away from the country, where he played in 2 premierships with Port Adelaide. “The footy was something I sort of fell into, being tall and athletic, but I was always aware that it wouldn’t be forever. I started to think about winemaking before I left AFL and how to make a career for myself,” explains Rob. After getting his start in the Hunter Valley, he made his way to the Yarra Valley, where he has well and truly settled. Rob Dolan Wines is now a family business, with the next generation of Dolans getting involved.

So what wines did Rob pick and why?

  • The first wine in the pack is the 2022 True Colours Sauvignon Blanc.

It’s a French style that suits the Yarra Valley really well. Fresh and vibrant, with some texture and mouthfeel to round it out. “The fruit for this wine is from one of our most important vineyards, a grower in Chirnside Park. It’s a gently rolling site, slightly warmer than other parts of the valley.” This wine is perfect with fish and chips straight out of the paper, by the sea!

  • Next up are two classics, the 2022 True Colours Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Rob has been instrumental in the success of these varieties in the Yarra Valley over the last 30 years. The Chardonnay and Pinot Noir come from a higher altitude vineyard in the Yarra, with a slightly cooler climate and a mixture of grey and red soils. Cool nights, in particular, are essential for developing those classic Pinot and Chardonnay flavours.

  • The 2018 True Colours Cabernet Shiraz Merlot is a ‘bloody good wine,’ according to Rob.

The fruit for this wine is sourced from a range of Yarra Valley sub-regions like the northern Yarra with its dark soils and slightly warmer climate. Great for those bigger styles of red. This wine is extremely soft and approachable. Perfect with a steak on a Sunday afternoon.

  • A true Yarra Valley Classic, the 2019 White Label Cabernet Sauvignon.

“One of the best-ever Cabernet vintages,” according to Rob. It’s a main event wine and deserves a bit of pomp and ceremony. Let it breathe and pour a glass with a rack of lamb or even put it down for a few more years. Delicious.

  • Let’s round it off with something sweet. The 2019 Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc.

Sourced from the Boat O’Craigo vineyard, another close relationship for Rob, this wine is best saved for last. It’s made from grapes left out on the vine until the sugar is intensely concentrated. Sweet, tart, and decadent!

So, what was his inspiration for putting together a special pack for his customers? For Rob, it is about showing people some classic wines, from great vintages, that show off the unique microclimates the Yarra is famous for. “To me, the most important part of this business is the relationships. Building connections with the growers and people representing the industry,” says Rob. It’s these ongoing relationships that have served Rob Dolan Wines well. It means he can make wines from many different varieties, each of which is perfectly suited to their unique part of the Yarra Valley. Rob works with select growers, choosing parcels of fruit that carry the flavours of the unique microclimates seen within the region. It’s these relationships that have become the bedrock of Rob Dolan Wines.

Order yourself some of ‘Rob’s Picks’ at 15% off

This specially curated 6 pack of wines personally chosen by Rob is on sale now! We hope you enjoy drinking them as much as Rob enjoyed selecting them.

Pack includes

1 x 2022 True Colours Sauvignon Blanc

1 x 2022 True Colours Chardonnay

1 x 2022 True Colours Pinot Noir

1 x 2018 True Colours Cabernet Shiraz Merlot

1 x 2019 White Label Cabernet Sauvignon

1 x 2019 White Label Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc

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