My Life so Far

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Well I’ve got to say the first 12 months of my life has been pretty sweet! Lately they’ve been calling me the little brown phantom and saying I terrorise the workplace here at Rob Dolan Wines, but I don’t really see it that way. Sometimes my Dad tells me off for bothering guests at cellar door, stealing bungs from around the winery or swimming in the pond, really I don’t get what the big deal is – it’s a dog’s life after all! 

I like to think of myself as a happy go lucky pooch and a fundamental part of the management team here at the winery, no space is out of my reach, nobody gets in my way without paying their respects with a pat and I make sure my Dad never goes home until I tell him he’s ready!

Since my last blog I have found myself some battle scars, a couple of nips from some other pesky dogs has left my once perfectly handsome face a little worse for wear. Lucky that my photoshoot with Wine Dogs Australia happened prior to such incidences occurring. Right now I am sporting an eyebrow-less right eye.

My blood feud with Hermes the Kelpie and Guardian of the Laboratory still continues, as does my continued gnawing of Billie the Labs ears, much to her Dad Tim’s despair. But guys, I know you all still love me – I brighten this place up and even if occasionally I do naughty stuff it’s never so bad as to not at least get some laughs from the team. Any-who – over and out until next time.

Merlo xo

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