Lamb ribs with Smoked Eggplant + Caramelised Lemon

Lamb ribs

2 racks                       Lamb ribs

2 sprigs                      Thyme

1                                   Lemon, zest

Splash                        White wine

To taste                      Sea salt

To taste                      Black pepper


Flip lamb ribs over so you can see the bones, using a tea towel or paper towel, grab the corner of the membrane and tear away from the ribs. If your skilled you can do this in one move! Otherwise it may take some persuasion to remove this. (Its not imperative to remove this membrane but if you don’t the lamb will be tough)
Add 1 lamb rack onto 2 layers of foil, top with thyme, lemon peel and white wine. Wrap tightly with foil and repeat process with other lamb rack. Cook in oven at 140c for 2 hours, remove from foil, discarding lemon and thyme. Dry well, season, and grill on BBQ until lightly charred and crispy.

Smoked eggplant

2 large                        Eggplant

200g                            Natural yoghurt, hung in tea towel over a bowl overnight, discard leftover whey

1                                   Lemon, juiced

1                                   Garlic clove, minced

1 ½ tsp                        Flake salt

1 tsp                            Extra virgin olive oil


Place eggplants directly onto stovetop over flame and char until skin is well burnt all the way around. Place into bowl and cover with glad wrap and leave to sweat for 30 minutes. Peel burnt skin and discard. Blend eggplant with remaining ingredients (except for yoghurt) until smooth. Whisk yoghurt through eggplant mix. May need adjusting depending on size of lemons and garlic.

Caramelised lemon

1                                    Lemon


In a fry pan, place a piece of baking paper and turn to medium high. Cut lemon in half through the centre not point to point. Place into frypan cut side down and cook for 2 – 4 minutes until very well caramelised/almost burnt. Remove from pan and set aside until ready to serve.


Serve lamb on top of smoky eggplant sauce, with a caramelised lemon on the side!

Tempranillo hails from Spain and is most famous for the wines of Rioja. It’s name translates as early ripener and it is a grape variety that likes the heat. However, in the cooler parts of Rioja (think altitude) and in the Yarra Valley, it ripens gently over the long, mild autumns to produce wines of finesse and tension.
Our 2021 Black Label Tempranillo is a great friend of food. The mulberry and plum primary fruit flavours will contrast with the smokiness of the lamb ribs and eggplant. Vanilla and clove spice from the barrel ageing beautifully complement the earthiness of this dish. The richness of the lamb is tempered by the plush, round tannins and crisp acidity of the wine.

– Meg Brodtmann

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