Keeping Good Wine

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Cellaring good wine at home is a great responsibility, it can be hard work. Firstly, you need to not drink it, you also need to control the temperature, UV, humidity, the list goes on. When you have a great bottle you want to get all those key things right so it ages beautifully for 5, 10 or 20 years time.

Want to know the ‘oh so simple’ option? Buy a wine fridge. With a wine fridge, cellaring wine is made easy. In fact, it is effortless, because they are designed to have no vibration in the racks, no excessive UV light and a controlled humidity level.

We were pretty excited when Husky approached us to be a part of their promotion. For a limited time when you buy one of Husky’s Vino Pro wine fridges you will receive a free 6 pack of Rob Dolan Wines delivered to your door. If you somehow manage not to drink it all you can keep it safe and sound in your new wine fridge, so you know in a few years’ time you will still have a great, if not better bottle of wine.

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