How to open a bottle of sparkling wine

(you’re probably doing it wrong)

By Mel Gilcrist, Marketing + Communications Manager at Rob Dolan Wines

It honestly stresses me out watching people open sparkling wine carelessly. Flying corks kill more people annually than sharks – there’s a hell of a hot of pressure in that bottle.

So I’m here to give you the run-down on a whole different kind of responsible drinking.

Never point the cork at a person’s head (including your own!)
You’d think it goes without saying, but alas, here we are. Always point the bottle into the air when you unravel the cage.

Leave your hand on the cork
Personally, I like to leave the cage on to uncork sparkling wine. It provides grip and means the palm of your hand never has to leave the top of the bottle – making it much less likely a rogue cork will shoot out.

Twist the bottle, not the cork
Are you mind blown? Thought so. It’s the biggest mistake people make. The reason is, twisting the cork can cause it to tear and break.

Hiss or pop?
This part is up to you. My first wine teacher told me that champagne should “sigh like a lady in pleasure.” Interesting insight into her personal life, but I’ve never forgotten so I suppose it was a good anecdote! The reason is, if it pops, it lets out more pressure, thus impacting the bubbles. To create the soft hiss, keep the pressure the cork and twist very slowly.

On the other hand, I’ve never noticed much of a difference in the bubbles, and I’m all about the PARTY so if want that satisfying pop go for your life!

To Sabrage or not to Sabrage?
Yes, Sabering sparkling is an epic way to open a bottle… but never try it unless you’ve been taught by a professional. I’ve heard all kinds of stories about erupting bottles and cut thumbs. It can be safe, but only if done properly, in the right environment.

Here’s Meg Brodtmann MW to show you how it’s done…

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