Environmentally Friendly Rob

Courtney Hill

When I started working for Rob a million years ago he was always conscious of the environment and the effects that wineries have. So much so that he even let me do all of my environmental assignments at work while studying Environmental Science. All the days I spent pouring over electricity bills and stomping through the winery looking at water run off, he was always encouraging me.

Now I am back working for Rob having completed my studies but never leaving the wine industry I still find him very aware and forward thinking in regards to the environment. In a conscious move to be more ethically responsible while becoming more independent Rob has installed a 96 kilowatt solar system over the entire winery warehouse.

Rob having this view is very comforting for me so I can feel like my environmental degree hasn’t been in complete vain! Talking to Rob about why he decided to install the solar panels has been inspiring as now we can look forward to the future where we will endeavour to become a carbon neutral business. Hopefully I can use a little more of my studies to help!

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