Winery News | Summer 15/16

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Well it’s all happening here at Rob Dolan Wines.. bottling, bottling, bottling. We’re getting all of our tanks and barrels empty, ready to be filled during the 2016 vintage. It’s early days but all is on track for a superb vintage, let’s hope it’s as good as 2015.

We’re keeping an eye on our own vineyard out the front of the winery. Unfortunately the man who masterminded the rejuvenation of this vineyard, young Ben Dahlenburg, is leaving us. He will be sorely missed.. a guy who combines an inner city urbanity with an easy going country charm. He is heading back to the Beechworth area to work on his family vineyard and wine label Eldorado Road and perhaps run a few cattle. Good luck, Mate. He leaves behind this vineyard as a legacy, some fruit sure to make it into a new Rob Dolan red blend.

Speaking of new blends, I’ve been road testing our latest white release, the 2015 True Colours Field Blend. It’s a great wine to have on hand to take to your favourite BYO Thai or Vietnamese restaurant. The aromatic Traminer supported by the Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Savignan make it a perfect complement to fragrant, firey foods. It’s also a big favourite with staff and customers at the Yarra Valley Dairy and works well with soft new cheeses and platters.

My own favourite serving suggestion, which I came upon by mistake, can be found in the following recipe:

2015 Rob Dolan True Colours Field Blend “Granita”

  1. At some point in time, grab a bottle of Field Blend, have one glass, decide that it would be nicer colder, then put it in the freezer and completely forget about it. It never happened.
  2. A few days later, during the tea break of the cricket, decide that you can get the lawns mowed and still get back to watch some of the last session. Surely the Windies won’t get bowled out that quickly.
  3. Return from mowing the lawn covered in sweat and lawn clippings. This is your moment to remember that bottle of wine in the freezer. Take it out, put it in the sink with some water and go and have a shower.
  4. After the shower, take out a Riedel glass, preferably tulip shaped. Put this aside, then grab any glass that comes to hand in the cupboard. Shake the bottle of wine to form a slushie consistency. At this point take a peak at the TV and make sure the Windies haven’t been bowled out while you were having a shower. Now pour the icy wine into your glass.
  5. Now take your seat in front of the cricket and there you have it. The perfect summer drink.
  6. During the commercial break go and have a proud look at the nice job you did on the lawn.

Cheers, Tim

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