How to be a dinner party hero

in 6 simple steps

The Pairing Method @ Home

Our signature event has now become the ultimate at home experience! Taste the magic of food and wine pairing like never before. We have included all the instructions and delicious wine needed to recreate this delectable experience from the comfort of your own home. All you need is our Pairing Method pack, and a bunch of friends. Let the fun begin.

Step 1

Order yourself a Pairing Method @ home pack and check out the included recipes. Make sure you have everything you need, then invite your besties over!

Step 2

Pour yourself and your friends a glass of Blanc de Blanc to wet your appetite, then turn on some music to get the party started! Set out the instruction cards, pencils and ingredients.

Step 3

Onto the first bottle of Pinot Noir. Now is a good time to watch the included videos of our Master of Wine, Meg Brodtmann. She will show you the ropes on how to taste wine to get a baseline. Then, try different ingredients with every sip. Marvel at how the flavours change. Which one is your favourite pairing?

Step 4

Ready, set, cook! The Pinot Noir will help put you in the mood. Recreate ​​Tyson Bertoncello’s ravioli + Anthony Cutajar’s braised beef cheek. They’re award winning chefs, so no pressure. Or you can create your own pasta dish using your favourite pairings from step 3!

Step 5

Set the table. Make it gorgeous! This is an Instagram moment if ever there was one. Time to pour some more wine. Pinot Noir for the pasta and Cabernet Sauvignon for the beef cheeks. Perfect pairings, down to the element.

Step 6

Feast! And cheers to a job well done. Then tag us on socials to show off your results.

The Pack: What’s Included

1 x 2021 Black Label Blanc de Blanc
2 x 2021 White Label Pinot Noir
1 x 2019 White Label Cabernet Sauvignon
2 x recipe cards | Tyson Bertoncello’s ravioli + Anthony Cutajar’s braised beef cheek
1 x QR tutorial video card | learn to taste wine with Meg Brodtmann from the comfort of your own kitchen
2 x Rob Dolan Wine branded pencils

RRP: $143

$120 + Free Shipping

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