Vintage 2017 is fast approaching – We Hope!

  Vintage 2017 is fast approaching. Lately we’ve had some cool nights and warm days, perfect for ripening grapes. We are down a little on yields due to some cool wet weather in spring but quality looks excellent. The vines are balanced and we are looking forward to good accumulation of sugar and flavour. The…

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Vintage 2016 – An Avalanche of Grapes

Vintage is now over and like waking up after a heavy night on the sauce we have found ourselves wondering what happened and how we got here. In a normal year, there is a natural order of ripening which gives us a chance to handle each batch of wine in a systematic and orderly manner.…

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Vintage 2015 – It’s a Wrap

When people ask, “hey how would you rate the 2015 vintage”, instinctively I revert back to the stock line – “best vintage in living memory”. As winemakers, it’s what we’re taught to say at uni. In reality, the stock line might not be too far from the truth. Following the 2014 vintage where we endured…

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Vintage is Coming

House Dolan | Sigil White tank bursting at seams on a crimson field | Words Make it fit If you are a Game of Thrones fan you will understand the previous statements. For the rest of you it represents how some of us view the looming three months otherwise known as “vintage”. To be perfectly honest most of the time you are…

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The Next Crop

pictured L-R: Ben Dahlenburg (Eldorado Road), Adrian Santolin (Santolin Wines/Boy Meets Girl) and Shaun Crinion (Dappled Wines) A recent survey of Yarra Valley winemakers has found one in five has at some time in their careers worked under Rob Dolan. Ok, so I may have invented that stat but it can’t be that far from…

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“So what do you do outside of vintage??”

When winemakers resurface from the hard toils of the vintage period, friends inevitably pose the same question: “what the hell do you guys do for the rest of the year?” Firstly, we don’t just sit around tasting wine all day (that job’s for sommeliers). Wine needs a lot of help to get into a state…

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