Wine with Meg + Mel

Wine with Meg + Mel is a fun and frank wine podcast which aims to help beginners navigate the world of wine. Hosted by Australia’s first female Master of Wine Meg Brodtmann, and self-titled “Master of Sabrage” Mel Gilcrist. The pair complement each other, resulting in a podcast which is both amusing and informative.

Every episode, Meg lets listeners know what she’s been drinking, and gives a fun fact before the pair cover either a varietal or a hot topic. Varietal episodes focus on food pairings, what to spend, and choosing the best examples. Topic episodes are varied, from discussing “clean” or “sugar free” wine (hint, they’re not impressed), to how to order wine at a restaurant, or giving the low-down on cellar door etiquette.

Special guests include prominent sommeliers and cellar door specialists to give you the low-down on any wine situation you might find yourself in.

To finish each episode, they answer listener questions with sticky situations like: “I lied and told my girlfriend’s dad I’m into wine, now he’s invited me to dinner and asked me to bring a bottle – what do I bring?” or “what’s the point of decanting wine?”

You’ll learn, laugh, and finish each episode feeling like a glass of wine.

Listen to the wine podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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