Black Label Two Barrel Batch Muscat

  • raisin

  • dark chocolate

  • toffee

  • fruitcake


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A rich and luscious digestif. Our Two Barrel Batch has been made from up to 25 year-old Rutherglen wines. With sweet flavours of raisin, toffee and fruitcake, this is the perfect sipping digestif.

Pair with fruitcake, dark chocolate, or rich cheese.



Wine Notes

Colour:vibrant gold, amber with hints of olive green

Aroma:coffee, chocolate + raisins with subtle floral wood aromas and hints of rose + peach

Palate:rich + luscious, intermingled with dried fruits and raisins, mouth-filling, lingering depth of complexity reminiscent of a Christmas pudding

Cellar:20+ years


Region:Rutherglen, Victoria

Harvest:hand picked after achieving maximum sugar level in the vineyard



Winemakers:Rob Dolan

Tasting Note

Additional information

Weight 1.33 kg