Pinot + Pilates pack


Getting involved in Pinot Pilates? Here’s a pack we’ve put together just for you!

2018 White Label Pinot Noir

Our flagship Pinot Noir, taken from cooler Yarra Valley sites for freshness and bright fruit. Everything you’d want in a top-quality Yarra Valley Pinot Noir; red fruits shine up front with layers of savoury and spice supporting with elegance and depth of flavour; bright and finely structured.

Enjoy with roast duck, chicken or turkey, or play to the savoury characters with mushroom or olives.

2016 White Label Cabernet Sauvignon

Yarra’s best kept secret is the quality of its cabernet. With depth and structure, this cabernet boasts big fruit and smooth tannins. The 2016 vintage was named the best cabernet in the region at the 2017 Yarra Valley Wine Show.

Pair with a steak or slow-braised beef; venison can be great too, especially when cooked with the wine. If you’re pairing cheese, go with a rich, vintage cheddar to match the intensity.

2016 Black Label Four + One

As legend goes, years ago, Rob called the winemakers together for an urgent meeting. The urgent matter? He wanted a pizza wine, and boy did they rise to the challenge. Mediterranean varietals - tempranillo (30%), sangiovese (14%), barbera (13%) and Grenache (11%) - created stunning flavours but it was missing a little ‘weight’ on the palate. All it took was a little shiraz to perfectly tie them all together. Aptly named ‘Four + one,’ this wine has become a crowd favourite that we’re famous for today.

Perfectly paired for pizza! Particularly with savoury/ spicy toppings ie. truffle, olives, basil, oregano, prosciutto or tuscan sausage.

2018 Black Label Blanc de Blanc

Made with delicate fruit sourced from the Yea Valley, 30 minutes north of the Yarra; the coolness of this area ensures freshness and acidity. This sparkling wine made from 100% chardonnay grapes heroes citrus and stone fruit, with soft brioche notes and
a creamy mouthfeel.

A stunning aperitif before a meal, to pair with canapés, cheese of all varieties or fresh oysters.

2018 True Colours Pinot Noir Rosé

Using pinot noir as the base grape means we achieve a lovely elegant rosé, similar to the Provence (French) style which is deliciously crisp and dry.

2018 True Colours Pinot Noir

The perfect example of a Yarra Valley pinot noir, taken from vineyards throughout the region. Ruby red, bright and fresh; this pinot is fruit forward, with a little spice, and very easy to drink.

Pair with charcuterie, ham and other cold meats or dishes that include cherries or figs.



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