Huddle Club Autumn Pack

Our Autumn pack is filled with the perfect wines to ease you into autumn weather.


2019 White Label Pinot Gris // current release
2019 White Label Chardonnay// new release
2012 True Colours Pinot Noir // museum release
2019 Black Label Sangiovese // pre-release
2018 White Label Shiraz // current release
2019 White Label Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc // new-release

After the success of the 2012 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, we were inspired to look once again at this vintage. The 2012 True Colours Pinot Noir has aged a treat, holding onto some primary fruit but also opening up with some interesting aged complexity.

Sangiovese has always been a Huddle Club favourite. We couldn’t wait to share it with you so you’re getting it early! This Sangiovese is gorgeous in its youth – with bright red fruits and freshness! If you like this one, you’ll want a few bottles to store under the bed – it’s going to age beautifully.

Two textured whites – Chardonnay (pre-release!) and Pinot Gris – will be the perfect accompaniment as you start getting into richer foods.

For the cooler nights the 2018 White label Shiraz has got covered

And as you’re getting into sweets at Easter, you’re going to want to add the Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc to the mix – especially next to white chocolate (YUM!!)

In a nutshell…

  • The 2019 Black Label Sangiovese is young, with bright red fruits and freshness
  • The 2012 True Colours Pinot Noir is light with some red fruit characters and a rustic quality
  • The 2019 White Label Pinot Gris is blush and textural
  • The 2019 White Label Chardonnay is has an awesome minerality which a little supporting oak
  • The 2018 White Label Shiraz rich and supple with wild berries + savoury spice
  • The 2019 Late Harvest carries fruit sweetness but also incredible freshness

If you want to geek out some more, full tasting notes are in the “downloads” tab.

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