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1 Dozen wines hand picked

One dozen wines hand picked by Rob himself will be sent to your door step every six months

The perfect mix

Each dozen is guaranteed to include at least one back vintage wine or pre-release wine and contain a mixture of Red and White varieties

Join and save

Receive 15% off the single bottle price of all current release wines anytime of the year in Cellar Door and Online (not available in conjunction with any other specials)

Free Freight

Free Freight on all Orders Australia Wide (minimum order 1 dozen)

Stay up to date

Receive Winery News, Event Invitations and More direct to your Inbox

Complete freedom

Cancel your membership anytime.

The Huddle

Huddle Club Membership

$300 for 6 months

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By joining as a member of the ‘Huddle Club’ you accept the following terms and conditions


To become a member of the Huddle simply click on the ‘sign up’ link below and purchase a rolling six month subscription for $300.00

You can then immediately access your 15% member discount online or in Cellar Door

Expect your first hand picked dozen from Rob to land on your doorstep within a month of joining the Huddle

Every six months from the anniversary of joining the Huddle $300.00 will be automatically debited from your card and your next hand picked dozen will arrive on your doorstep within a month

If you want to cancel your rolling subscription you must notify us in writing by emailing

Expect to receive Winery News, Event Invitations and more direct to your inbox throughout the year


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